MP1 packs a lot of ozone into a very small Micro-sized system. Providing 350 mg/hour of ozone gas utilizing ambient air (about 1,200-1,500 PPMV), or 1 gram/hour utilizing oxygen. The MP1 is available with an internal air pump for gaseous applications (air-fed only), or without the air pump and configured to operate under vacuum with an external vacuum source.  There is also a model available with a built-in timer.

This is a versatile system with many uses that can be used for either gaseous or aqueous ozone applications. Avoid using the MP1 as a gas on or very near items containing natural latex, as high levels of ozone gas can cause damage to natural latex through oxidation.


VOLTAGE 100-250V; 50/60 Hz
POWER 14 Watts
OZONE 350 mg/hr air-fed
1 gr/hr oxygen-fed
RATING Indoors
NSF (UL) Listed
NSF STD. 50 Listed

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