Ozone Facts

Ozone Defined

Ozone is a gas that, when dissolved in water, kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys organic contaminants, breaks down inorganic contaminants, kills biofilms, all by intense oxidation.

Oxidation Strength Comparison

When dissolved in water (pH 7.4-7.6), ozone is at equilibrium: creating half ozone molecules and half hydroxyl radicals.

Ozone Facts and Fallacies

Ozone is dangerous, corrosive and off-gassesOzone has been safely used in thousands of applications with no off-gas and no danger to humans or the environment with accepted management practices.​
Ozone is cost-prohibitive or expensiveOzone is very affordable and offers so many benefits. It is a natural, environmentally sound sanitizer to which no microorganisms can build an immunity, and adds no byproducts to the water
Ozone is an oxidizer onlyOzone is a highly efficacious sanitizer, disinfectant and purifier; these provided by its strong oxidation capabilities
Ozone is not as strong as traditional sanitizing chemicalsOzone is exponentially stronger and more efficacious than all standard sanitizers (10-15,000 times greater) and very safe
Ozone is new technologyOzone is an approved sanitizer that has been used in numerous applications since 1906

Ozone is an Approved Sanitizer

Ozone Properties

Ozone Oxidizing/Sanitizing Properties (Gaseous or Aqueous)

Electron Micrographs of E. coli
Before/After Ozone Treatment

Ozone Functionality


Ozone Benefits

Ozone is a Sustainable Technology


Ozone Innovative Applications

Ozone Proven Technologies


Chlorine vs. Ozone – 11 Days Without Sanitation – Fruit Production Facility


Ozone Sanitizing in Industrial Applications

Other facilities utilizing ozone for various sanitation processes include:

Ozone Safety & Control

Ozone (Gaseous) Safety & Control

Ozone (Aqueous) Safety & Control

Aqueous ozone systems operated according to GMP, are safe for workers; these systems utilize monitor/control devices to continuously adjust operational parameters to ensure proper efficacy and safety.

If catastrophic leaks happen, air monitor set point is exceeded; monitors instantly cut off electricity flow to ozone generators stopping production of ozone.

Ozone Material Compatibility

Components & Piping

Material Ozone gas < 2500 ppm Ozone gas > 2500 ppm
UPVC (unplasticized) NR
Aluminum (4% wt max)
304 L stainless steel
316 L stainless steel
UPVC (unplasticized)
Superalloys Such as Inconel1 and Hastelloy-C2
Perfluoroalkoxy Resin (PFA) such as Teflon®3 or equivalent
Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) such as Teflon®3 or equivalent
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) such as Teflon®3 or equivalent
Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) such as Tefzel®3 or equivalent
Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) such as Halar®4 or equivalent
Neoprene® or equivalent NR
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) such as Kynar®5 or equivalent
P-chlorotrifluoroethylene P-CTFE such as Kel-F®6 2800 and Neoflon®7 or equivalent

NOTE 1 — Abbreviations for components, piping, gasket and seals are in accordance with ASTM D4000. 1 Special Metals Corporation, 2 Haynes International, Inc., 3 Dupont, 4 Ausimont USA, Inc, 5 Elf Atochem North America, 6 3M Company, 7 Daikin Industries

NOTE 2 — NR – not recommended

Gaskets & Seals

Material Ozone gas < 2500 ppm Ozone gas > 2500 ppm
p-chlorotrifluoroethylene (P-CTFE) such as Kel-F®1 or equivalent
perfluorelastomer such as Kalrez®2 or equivalent
perfluorinated copolymer such as Chem-Rez®3 or equivalent
Gortex® or equivalent
PTFE tape
chlorosulfonated polyethylene such as Hypalon®2 or equivalent NR
vinylidene fluoride such as Viton®2 or equivalent (4% wt max)
polydimethyl siloxane (silicone) (4% wt max)
ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) NR

1 3M Company

2 Dupont

3 Green, Tweed and Company

NOTE — NR – not recommended


Material Ozone gas < 2500 ppm Ozone gas > 2500 ppm
Concrete, painted concrete
Rubber Modified Vinyl NR
Galvanized Steel NR
NOTE — NR – not recommended

How is Ozone Measured

Understanding ORP (REDOX)

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