Founded in 2010, MicroPlasma Ozone (MPO3 ) is located in Champaign, Illinois and provides a range of ozone systems designed for use in numerous applications that require NSF listed and performance-validated Smart Ozone Systems. Developed by a major university’s Plasma Lab Team, MicroPlasma Ozone Technology®’s multi-patented micro-channel ozone process produces a “uniform glow discharge”, as opposed to a standard corona discharge (CD), which is a “random discharge”. This state-of-the-art technology provides very high efficiency (energy usage and ozone output) in a compact size.

MPO3’s Smart Ozone Systems provide the same innovative technology as large commercial systems with a very small footprint for applications requiring a range of sizes that other manufacturers do not or cannot offer. Onboard ORP monitor/controllers (or DO3 monitor/controllers) continuously measure the health of the water, while onboard controls measure the health of the system and adjust for changing ambient conditions.

MicroPlasma Ozone Technology®, provides true ozone output ratings based on third-party ANSI accredited laboratory testing and validation for each model. All product performance claims are fully investigated, verified and surveilled on an ongoing basis to ensure their performance is consistent with written and reported claims.

Smart Ozone Systems by MicroPlasma Ozone essentially take care of themselves and only require a quick glance at the HMI display to determine exactly what’s happening in the water, with remarkably low energy consumption. The MP1, MP5,MP5O2 and MP10 provide extreme chemical reduction.

At MPO3 we are a dedicated team of professionals who are proud to produce our unique state-of-the-art ozone systems. In addition, our commitment to customer service is our passion.  We strive to make every customer think of MicroPlasma Ozone as their go-to ozone supplier with the confidence that we will always provide impeccable service and engineering expertise.  We value every customer and consider our relationships our most valuable assets. Check out our testimonials link to see what our customers say about us.

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